• Adam Thackeray

Leadership Alignment

Leadership alignment is a top problem as organizations journey through transformational change.

There are many reasons for this...

  • Different mandates. A leader in sales has a very different focus than operations.

  • Leaders may be risk adverse...i.e. the pressures for quarterly gains supersede a willingness to push for needed change.

  • They’ve been bitten by failure and not interested in doing it again.

  • Leaders are not motivated. They are already highly successful (power stature) and making significant money (comfort living) why shift for future betterment across the board when "I’m already in a good state"

  • Blatant ignorance. Old management practices still hold true and a mentality of “it works”...therefore, we don’t need to change.

  • Fear of not understanding the changes in their entirety, fear of losing control and fear of losing their role.

Here are a few ways to help resolve these challenges:

  • Vision. Clearly articulating the vision and how all aspects of the business are interconnected. It is crucial that execs have an appreciation of other parts of the organization as well and the need for greater collaboration.

  • Training and understanding. There needs to be clear indication of the what is to be introduced to the organization, its value to the exec and their area and how it links back to the overall vision. Also who’s responsible for what throughout the change

  • Trust. You need your leadership team to trust each other wholeheartedly. This trust will forge a chemistry amongst the group that is vital for success.

  • Agree to disagree. You’re not looking for consensus. You are looking for alignment...and that means flexibility as a group.

  • Psychological safety. People, leadership included, need to feel supported, listened to and included at all times.

  • Transparency. Communication continues to be the #1 problem in business. So much is gained or lost based on how something is communicated to an audience. More on comms...

  • New leadership. There are times when the existing leadership no longer fits the direction of the organization. If leadership isn’t adaptable in their approach and has a willingness to embrace change then perhaps it is time for new leadership.

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