• Adam Thackeray

Are YOU prepared?

You can never know everything in business (that's why you surround yourself with really smart people). You also can’t be ready for every situation, however you can be prepared and equip yourself to adapt and prosper.

All of us have had our experience of when we've put in the lions den to deal with an unlikely or uncomfortable situation. Here are a few quick points for how you can better prepare yourself:

  1. Know your audience. Who are you meeting with? What is my relationship with this person or group? Are there cultural norms of the company or people I should be aware of that will drive success? You have to make sure you are diligent and find out who you are going to meeting with – background on them, purpose of that upcoming meeting or project. Think about future engagements with them and what that might look like. Remember - relationships are #1.

  2. Research the topics or intended discussions. Majority of people have a computer, tablet or smartphone. Using the great power of the Internet, focus on few different topics or angles and research them as much as possible in the time you are afforded. Even getting the gist of a few focused points can help navigate you through a situation or discussion.

  3. Reflection. Always take time to analyze and reflect on your daily occurrences, relationships and interactions. We often take for granted moments in business that are true golden nuggets of knowledge for us to use in the future. Record a selfie video, audio snippet or simply write them down in a journal or log.

  4. It can and will go sideways. Again, you can’t be ready for everything, however pondering the potential outcomes of any given situation beforehand will help you when things go sideways. You may not have the answer, however your forethought will help you adapt and deal with the situation at hand.

So how do you prepare?

Thanks for reading!


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