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Product Companies



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Hey everyone!

Adam Thackeray here.....

I'm a strategic product leader, polymath, entrepreneur, visionary and podcaster.

I am always curious. A problem solver.

For the past 20+ years, I have been (and continue to be) passionate about building scalable technology products and organizations. 


  • Building and leading product organizations

  • Leading multi-year digital transformation journeys

  • Pivoting companies from traditional services to be product-led

  • Building high performing teams

  • Program mobilization, rescue and turnaround

  • Operationalizing ways of working

  • Executive coaching

How I can help you...

​I provide executive leadership, guidance and coaching to build scalable product organizations:

  1. Perhaps you are a CEO or CPO at a scaling startup and you want to know...How do I ensure the product organizations are setup properly to support continuous growth and flexibility? What systems and practices are in place? Do I have the right leadership and roles?

  2. Perhaps you are a VP/SVP of a large enterprise. You are starting or perhaps in the midst of a multi-year product or agile transformation. You are looking for seasoned guidance to shift your organization to be more customer-focused. You NEED someone to get the executives aligned. You NEED someone to drive the transformation and GET IT DONE.

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